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How to take a Picture Walk

My students were having a hard time making predictions about the text.  When asked what they thought the book would be about, they regurgitated the title.  When I probed, I discovered they just were not thinking during a picture walk. 
There is a real purpose to a picture walk.  It helps organize the mind for reading, learning new information so you can synthesize what you know with what you learn, it helps with vocabulary and unknown words and gives a real purpose for reading.
Most of my students are reading texts that are DRA2 level 16 and up so they will need to make predictions at our year end testing. Around 8 of them will actually have to write their predictions on the DRA2.  I needed to get this problem solved...and fast!
When I broke down the steps, this is what we came up with:
You can download the original on Google docs here


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