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No excuse words

Maybe it is because I had a student teacher from August until Winter Break or maybe it is this group but they just do not look at the word wall when writing.  The majority of my students can tell me the word is up there but won't resource it.  I put all of my words on magnets and hopefully they will go and take them down to use them.  Also, I have been playing games such as Mind Reader to get them to look at it. Have you played it?  It is great when you have a few extra minutes or intentionally when you want your kiddos to resource it.  You give 5 clues.  If they don't guess the word by the 5th clue, teacher wins.  If someone guesses the word, then they can have the other students read their mind.  Here is an example:
1.  It is on the word wall.  (This is ALWAYS my 1st clue) Let one child guess.
2. It have 2 vowels in it.    Let another child guess.
3.  It has one syllable.     And another
4. It is not a name (which I keep on yellow so kids can easily differentiate) One more
5.  It starts with an h.  Final guess

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