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100 Day Fun

Boy am I tired!  100 Day is always fun but a lot of work.  The students had so much fun.  
I love overhearing conversations like, "Mrs. Magro always does the best stuff" or "I wish every day could be 100 day" or "I hope this day never ends".

Here are some photos of our day:
100 Fruit Loops Necklace

100 Day Glasses

100 Day Bottles

100 Day Hat


100 Day Bottles Display

Close ups of the bottle
Great keepsake of a fabulous day.

All of this is included in my 100 Day Mini Unit.  My 100 Day Unit is available at:


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  1. The 100th day of school is always so fun! I too would make it all around the number 100! So fun! Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. After reading your profile it seems we have quite a bit in common. We've taught all the same things with the exception of kinder! Maybe one day though!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!