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Comprehension-Reading Responses

This bundle has it all for first through third grade teachers (or 4th and 5th grade teachers with strugglers). The jam packed 32 pages includes all of the comprehension strategies and can be used with fiction and non fiction as well as listening center/Listen to Reading Daily 5 area or homework.

Pages include:
Characters, Setting, Main Character Analysis, Mental Images, 3 pages for Connections, 3 pages for Main idea, Synthesis, 4 pages for non fiction features, BME, Asking Questions, Double Bubble Map, Story Map, Fact or Opinion, Super Summary, Sentence Stoppers, Vocabulary, Inferencing, Contractions, Wonder Web and 2 pages for Determining Importance.
This is all you need for teaching and assessing comprehension strategies.


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  1. Great resources!
    I just found your blog and I am loving it! Very cute.