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Amazing Oviparous Unit!

I finally finished my oviparous unit.  I cannot wait to use it with my students when we return from "Spring" Break.  This 50 page unit is an incredible resource for your classroom. It includes:

*Literature suggestions
*Bubble Map-for pre and post assessment or just to ascertain    background knowledge
*Eggs-ellent Patterns page
*Oviparous research papers (tree map for plan and final copy page)
*Oviparous animal sort
*Egg money Cards (for memory or matching)
*Chick and Duckling activities-flow map, double bubble map, inference page, art projects, graph
*Brace Maps-for rooster, grasshopper, sea turtle, fish and frog
*What's Inside the Egg? writing project
*It Started as an Egg (Individual or class book)
*What Hatched From my Egg?  Bulletin Board idea
*Original nonfiction book-Whose Eggs are These? with photographs

This is the resource you have been looking for!!

ONLY $5.00

For oviparous animal research

Here's a freebie-Rooster Brace map:

Get your Amazing Primary Oviparous Unit here:

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