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Whew! I am FINALLY Done

So, I've been working on my TPT St. Patrick's Day Unit for 3 weeks now.  I had a good start. But then I had that nasty virus that's been going around. It really slowed me down.  Then, I needed to do report cards.  Sheer joy...

After that, conferences.  More fun.

So, last night I decided I was not going to go to bed until it was done. After all, St. Patrick's Day would come and go if I kept up this pace. I worked for a good ten hours, carpal tunnel bugging me, brain dead and still not  done, I went to bed around one am.  After church I worked for 5 more hours and I AM FINALLY FINISHED!  I am ready for weekend fun!  Oh, wait a minute, it's 4:33 and I need to get dinner ready and prepare for the work week.  Maybe next weekend????

Here are some highlights from this awesome unit:

Get yours here:


  1. Hi Celia, I am glad I found your blog. You are the only other NY teacher I have met in blog land! I am following you now.

    Erica Bohrer's First Grade

  2. Hi Erica-
    I am from NY (lived there 30 years ) but live in Colorado now. I also graduated from SUNY Binghamton! Thanks!