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Wonderous Writing

We have been working so hard in writing and it is finally coming together in my 1st Grade.
My students love expository writing and they all feel successful.  Because it is less creative, many of my students who are so eager to please (and worry too much about getting it right) are writing so much more.
We planned our animal research using a simple tree map.
Download yours here:

Here a few end products:

How fabulous is this introduction??

They really understand non fiction text features if they can do this.

Look at the labels!

He even included a map of where they live.

Aren't these Fun Facts fabulous?

Monster trucks can definitely  encourage writing

OMG!  An index!  Genius!

I am beaming because it is clear to see from these books that they have learned so much this year.


  1. These are super. Congrats to you. You did well!!!

  2. Great job!!! Love the results!
    Would you share your bracket map??


  3. Renee,
    I did it. The Brace Map is on google docs-