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You Know You Teach First Grade When

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You Know You Teach First Grade When

You raise your hand outside of school.

You know it’s a full moon without looking


You walk around with “Mr. Sketch”

marker dots on your nose (but continue to

smell them anyway).

You know when the barometer dropped

without consulting a meteorologist. 

Actually, we could BE the meteorologist

and be as accurate!

You believe you can sing cause your

students tell you that you should try out

for American Idol.

You know every children’s book but

cannot hold a conversation about the

NY Times Best Seller list (unless it is


You always think the book is better then

the movie.

You start “Back to School” shopping in

April or May.

Your heart skips a beat when you see

free fonts, free clip art or a giveaway.

You know that saying, “What would you

say if you did know?” will usually evoke

a response from people of all ages.

You’ve studied eye movement to tell if a

child is fibbing.

You don’t need to speak to get a desired


You can spend $50.00 (or much more!!!)

and Target’s Dollar bins or Dollar Tree. 

But it’s only a dollar, right???

You ask children outside of school to use

“walking feet” or “Inside voices, please”.

You think “Tooty-ta” is great comic relief.

You can say, “Everyone farts; it’s only

natural” without cracking the slightest grin.

You know that going home messy means it

was a fun day.

You know the students will teach you as

much as you teach them.

That child who turned your hair gray

at the beginning of the year will warm

your heart by the end.

You know how very blessed you are

to have a job that does not feel like

a job and  look forward  to going to

work and miss your students on

breaks and even weekends...then you are

lucky to be a teacher!


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  1. This is one of the best I have read...thanks for sharing...goosebumps on some...I really love teaching!