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Ladybug Land with grubs (infant ladybugs)
I adore Spring!  It is such a fabulous time in first grade.  My little firsties are almost second graders and have become independent, intelligent learners.
We started our Insect unit and they are so excited to learn about all of the different kinds.  Of course, we started with accessing our prior knowledge.  Here is our bug box chart:

We are waiting for our ladybug larvae and butterfly eggs to arrive so we can watch their life cycle.  I already did that at home with my kids.  I decided to bring the ladybugs to school to show my students.
Full grown ladybugs

Even Sweet Cheeks, our class pet, has Spring Fever.  He was swimming in his "pool" most of the day.

Here are our caterpillars.  We are being scientists and recording our observations in our Butterfly Journals.  We are measuring the caterpillars, noting the consistency and depth of their food and looking for signs of molting.  Then children need to predict what will happen in a few days.  It is a lot of fun!


  1. How fun! I've never hatched butterflies or any other insect with my class before. I want to go for it this year! The ladybugs are neat. :)

  2. I love your blog! Follow mine :)