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I made a crate storage seat, too!

I had a few locker crates around the house and just stored items in them until I was visiting an amazing blog I'm sure you all know about called What the Teacher Wants.  Rachelle saw it on Gwen's awesome site: Fantastic in First:  Click here to see it.
Here is Rachelle's post.  Check out her site--it is simply great.  This is how my crate seats turned out:

Anyway, I did mine a bit different. I have tons of wood in my garage and I already had the crates.  My husband cut the wood for me.  I stapled backing and fabric on all the way around with a regular stapler.  I used softer wood so it was easy.  I paid 4.50 for fabric, 6.99 for backing and 1.49 for ribbon.  I made 2 but I have leftover of everything so I may buy a crate at dollar tree and make one more.  I didn't realize I found the same exact fabric as Rachelle.  I knew hers was striped but it's identical.  I hope, Rachelle, you are not upset about that.  I am totally giving you all the creative credit and since yours was so spectacular I hope you see it as flattery:)
I plan on storing reading buddies (stuffed animals) in these for use during Daily 5.

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  1. Your crates looks great!! Thanks for the shout out!