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My Classroom is DONE!

I've been working to get my classroom ready before work week starts on Tuesday.   (WHERE did the summer go?)  This is my 2nd year back on the traditional calendar (end of Aug.-beg of June).  I use to be on the year round calendar and it was much easier to start the new year because I knew I had a vacation right around the corner.  So...I've been procrastinating.  But, I spent this weekend working in the hot, hot classroom, with no AC.  Here are the results:
Word Wall

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree

Writing area.  My husband built the shelves for me

Math area

CAFE Board--I got the signs off of someone's blog--I just can't remember whose.  If it was YOU, let me know so I can give you credit:)

Writing Showcase "Our Writing Garden"


Outside the door--Sh!  Don't tell the fire dept. it's against code

Back of my tracking cabinet from the good ole days of year round calendar when my entire classroom was in this cabinet.

More writing wall
Tree Map

After 1st day of school-self portraits

Self Portraits

Good Fit Books

Sad stamina chart

Class quilt -We made this the first 2 days of school

Me Bags


  1. I love your doubles math posters-did you make them or find them somewhere? Thanks!

  2. I wish I remember where I got the double posters but I don't. They are over a year old.