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I Cannot Believe it Has Been Ten Years

I remember this day like it was yesterday.  I was teaching a 1st/2nd grade class in New York.  I got a note telling me what was happening and I froze.  I kept teaching and thought it must be a mistake.  Finally, I called my mom and got through to my husband, who was at Newark Airport working, and shaken after watching the whole  thing transpire from across the river. He decided to go home and be with our kids.
My brother is a NYC firefighter just like my dad was.  I had a few students whose parents worked in the Twin Towers.  I had friends who were there.  Were they all okay?
My story turned out a lot better than many.  My brother is fine after being there then and doing the cleanup of the WTC.  My students' parents were all late to work that day.   My friends were unharmed, too.  Praise God!
It took me years to believe the towers were no longer there.  I watched them go up as a girl.  My Girl Scout conventions were held in the WTC, outside in the courtyard.  How could they no longer be there?  The skyline still does not look right to me.  After living there for thirty years, 27 of them with the Twin Towers, I cannot visualize the skyline without them, even though I have been there many times since then.  My heart still aches for all of the people who lost so much.  I pray to God that they will find peace and love for all.  There is still a lot of hate and concern over people from the Middle East and I wish we, as a country, would honor those whose lives were lost.  Hate is not the answer.  Love is.
If this has taught me anything, it is live each day on Earth like it is your last 'cause you never know when it will be your day to spend eternity with the Lord.
God Bless the USA.

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  1. Hoepfully we, as teachers, can help the littlest Americans learn that hate is not the answer.