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Fun Week

           Mr. Elf on a Shelf appeared in our classroom this week making all of the kids    Elf C-R-A-Z-Y!
             I love {insert heart} the look on their sweet faces when they hear this tale! Children are SO excited to get into my room to see where he is.  We won't mention that a certain teacher forgot to move him one day and then had to come up with a good reason why he did not move.  I squeaked by {{I think}} 
We made elves this week as morning work {4 days of it} and a tree map explaining why we would be great elves.


I Would be a Good Elf because...Tree Map

  We had some snow here in Colorado this week.  After being in the 70's, 30 degrees is COLD!  So, we decided to have an Eskimo Day.  We read Mama, Do You Love Me? and snow poetry.  We ate Eskimo Pie and wrote about it and even did some math with it.

Then, of course, we made ourselves into Eskimos.  
So much FUN!

Isn't this just DAR-LING???  Gotta love the thumbs!
Have a wonderful day.  I am off to my daughters cheer competition {all day today--and tomorrow}.  Stay warm!
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  1. I Love your elf art and writing activity. Definitely doing this. Thanks!

    Grade ONEderful