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I Love {and Needed} Christmas Break and Nick's Birthday

I am still recovering from the CRAZ-I-NESS of last week but am slowly getting into the Christmas Break routine.  It did not help that I succumbed to the stomach bug all weekend :(

Between finishing handprint calendars, making our water bottle snowmen, Polar Express Day, Winter Party and my baby boy's 11th birthday party, last week was a whirlwind.  The highlight was Nick's 11th birthday party.  Nick is my child with autism and this was his first, YES, 1st, party with friends EVER!!!
He has never been interested in peers and is  in an ILC {self-contained room} with children who are nonverbal.  Also, Nick is not in his home school as he was very unsuccessful {read: suspended and expelled in 1st grade}.  His school is twenty minutes away from home and our neighborhood. Nick had quite a few bumps in the road and has had needed to be restrained {a lot}, sent home, and once was even lost outside of the school grounds and handcuffed by law enforcement.  Up until this year school was not a success and having friends was not even on Nick's radar.
BUT, this year we have a teacher who was set from heaven and he has done miraculous things with Nick.  He realized if Nick felt as if he belonged and people liked him, he'd be successful...and he was so right! Nick is well liked by peers, doing all grade level work except for math and even got As and Bs on his report card.  
But having a party made me worried because this has been such a wonderful year  and Nick's self-esteem and self-confidence rose to new heights, what if he was rejected by his peers?
  Then, when only 2 people responded, I panicked.  After lots of prayers and putting my trust in God, we got more RSPVs on Friday {the day of the party}.  Only one child could not come and we had fun with his seven 5th grade friends. It was eye opening for me because I did not see much difference between my son and his typical 5th grade peers.  They were just as boy-silly and had as much energy as Nick.  One little guy even brought handcuffs in his shorts pocket and they were wrestling and handcuffing one another.  Odd, I thought, but that would be something my child would do--{and it was NOT him}.  When he received a gift I knew he wouldn't like (he likes real items like motors, printers, fax machines, refrigerators, dryers, etc) I held my breath to see what he would say.  And...he did exactly what I told him to do!!  My little boy is growing up and defeating his disability.  We are so proud.
Praise God, our first success!
I finished my Christmas cards today, which I designed:

I think for the 1st time doing this, they came out good.  

Now I just need to cut them out and get them into the mail.  
So, what am I doing, blogging, of course.  I am the queen of procrastination.

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  1. Oh Cecelia, what a lovely post. I'm so glad Nicholas's birthday went well. What a wonderful Christmas present for you. Take care and Happy Birthday to your son:)
    Grade ONEderful