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Snowmen Love!

This is such an easy parent gift and just darling!

They are so easy to make, too.
All you need is:
a clean water bottle
cotton balls
pipe cleaners
styrofoam balls
googly eyes
pom poms

Fill water bottle with cotton balls
Screw on styrofoam head
Add googly eyes, nose and lips
Glue pom poms on body. 
Tie ribbon around neck as scarf
Add earmuffs-pipe cleaner or ribbon attached with two pom poms
Use an exacto knife to attach arms
Viola!  You have a snowman!

My children love this so much we made a family.  We used sixty four oz. bottle for Dad, liter bottle for Mom, water bottles for kids and small water bottles for babies. 

My class made these along with the handprint calendar for gifts.  LOVE!

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