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Can you tell that I am one tired person?  It has been "the year" and I need a break.  Yes, I know I just had one.  I know I will have another in 11 weeks...
11 weeks is a long time.

Here are our adorable snowmen from Glyph Girls Snowmen at Night Glyph

We have started learning about MLK, Jr. {{love him}}  The majority of my class is so engaged and interested in learning about him.   Then there are 6 that have no clue that we are even talking about him.  I read Martin's Big Words and then showed  the video of the book on United Streaming the next day, which I love because of the music, parts of Martin's "I Have a Dream" speech and James Earl Jones deep voice...They had not-a-clue I read it the day before.


Our class got a new friend yesterday.  I got his transcript from Texas {which told me so much--NOT} and it said he is "at-risk and emotional".  Fast forward to yesterday, his first day, and by golly, they were SO right

Since my OLW is PATIENCE I will only say this:

He will fit right in with my sweeties.  This is the right class for him.

If I am going to have "the year"  it may as well be "THE YEAR".  But...


Could next year be different??????



  1. I chose the same OLW! I think it is a great choice!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. Hang in there! You can do it:)
    Hugs from B.C.
    Grade ONEderful

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Barbara,
    Yesterday was a not a walk in the park either. One of my firsties got mad when I gave him teddy grahams as a snack so he threw it on the floor and jumped on the bag. I asked him to clean up the mess and he started ripping things off the walls, then got vinegar from the science center and poured two bottles out--including come on me. Then he dumped out our class pet's water and the principal finally came to escort him out of the room. Had a meeting with mom after school (she was supposed too be there at 2:00) that lasted an hour and still had work to do. My new little sweetie said, "Boy, my parents put me in a crazy school. I want to go back to Texas".
    I asked him to take me.
    At least it is Friday.

  4. Oh wow, I thought I had a rough day -- and I did -- but that takes the cake. It's amazing what we go through sometimes. Have a restful, recharging kind of weekend. Monday has to be better, right? :))
    Grade ONEderful