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Happy New Year Photos-- Please Help Me Get to 300 Followers

Wow, my little ole blog has 298 followers!   I appreciate all of my bloggy friends!  I feel so blessed to have found this "blogosphere" a year ago.  It has made me a better teacher:)


I put up our New Year's Goals on the bulletin board after school today.  It came out so cute {as it does every year}.  This is from my  Ring in the New Year Unit.

Here it is:

The goals are hilarious as this is "the year".  Let's hope all of my sweeties who said they will listen to me and follow directions start soon: )

Do you like the little banners I made?  I wanted to add a little somethin' - somethin' to the board as I cannot use paper behind my display according to fire code.

We started Investigation Two in FOSS' Solids and Liquids.  We began Liquids by reviewing what we learned in the 1st investigation, Solids.  *We* didn't remember much, if anything, {it was before break}so I needed to be creative.  This is our chart to record our learning:

Tomorrow we will make these  a*dor*able  snowmen I purchased on TPT from the 
amazing Glyph Girls:

Please help me get to 300 followers.  If you are visiting and don't follow, please help!  Thank you!


  1. Looks like you made it!!! Congrats on 300!

  2. I'm your newest follower! Congrats on reaching 300+!

  3. We have given you the Liebster Award!