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Sorry I am a little late posting but when I got home from work I asked my daughter where Nick, ny son, was....

she said playing in the garage with his fishing rod...but

NO!  He was NOT!!!      

   SO   I   PANIC!!!!!!!

You would think I would know what to do since this has happened at least 500 times in his life but...... 
No.  Always the same reaction.  My husband thought he was in the office, daughter getting ready to go to cheer and Nick....GONE.
First, Tom went door to door while I drove around.  Called police  {they know Nick very well unfortunately}
You see, he made bad choices today and didn't want to tell us that he bit and hit someone and yelled some choice words in his classroom.   Came home when dad asked how his day was, read the back and forth book and was sent to his room.   Then, he proceeded to make yet another hole in the wall, break three picture frames on the wall and hid.  Then at one point left the house without anyone knowing...  This frequently happens--I swear the kid is a ghost.  He left Home Depot once before Tom could get the manager to lock down the store.  Was out of the building.  He escaped Kohls with me once before Code Adam..use to climb out his bedroom window, jump off the roof and wander the neighborhood in the middle of the night in his pjs, escapes his 1:1 TA in school and actually gets lost in the schools neighborhood....Escaped church without his 1:1 knowing....the list goes on and on....
 Luckily I found Nick in the greenbelt but it was a scary half hour. 
A neighbor had seen him and thought he was taking a walk.  Thank goodness he was outside taking down decorations....

We just got rid of the tracking device the police gave us this summer which he has worn since he was 2. We decided he was old enough and had not fleed in almost one year. Big mistake...

Anyway, Praise God he is fine and my heart is almost back to normal rate...


 I chose winners at 4pm Mountain time while at work and decided to post once I got home.   My first giveway withother people and I BLEW it.  No one will ever want to do this with me again.  I am such a bloggy failure:( 

But my winners are not  and here they are...

Third Place:  One item from any of the participants TPT stores:

    1. Janine said...I am a follower of your blog!
  40. Unknown  follow your TPT store    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

Second Place-- 2 items from any of the participants TPT stores:

53.The Alaskan Holmans said...I follow your store and your blog!!
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31. Brianne    bl3982@yahoo.com

BIG WINNER: One item from all 12 TPT stores!
79. Malariesaid... am a follower!   ****Girl, you get one item from all 12 TPT stores but you left NO EMAIL!!!!*****Comment or email me at nycecelia@comcast.net so I know which 12 you want!!!!!!!!

Let me know what you want.


  1. Jennifer,
    It is beyond scary. Luckily, we remembered our emergency plan. We made it when Nick first started eloping at age 2. Even though he now talks, he does not answer us and this makes it harder.
    At least in only took 30 minutes --when we lost him at Home Depot 4 years ago, it took almost 4 hours to find him and 8 police cars with 2 officers in each to locate him. He was asleep in a box in a storage shed outside the store on a blistering hot day. They had helicopters trying to locate his tracking device, had everyone stuck in the store, and an Amber Alert. I thought for sure he was already out of state with a predator and I was a wreck for almost a week afterwards.
    I wish I could figure out how to give him a sense of danger. I am constantly worrying about his safety.

  2. How scary! I am glad everything turned out ok. I love the Reading Response Bundle, it is printed and ready to go on Monday!

    Faithful in First

  3. Holy smokes! That sounds like a scary day! You are incredible, seriously a hero to go through all of that!

    Also, I can't believe I won! I NEVER win these giveaways! That's probably why I absentmindedly forgot my e-mail! So sorry you had to track me down!

    Here it is!