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Freebie for Spring {{GIVEAWAY}} and New Unit

It is {{finally}} Spring Break!  It could not have come at a better time!

We had our 1st grade performance last Thursday and that just wore me out!
I barely did anything but just the stress of it wiped me out!
We have an A*MAZ*ING music teacher who wrote the entire musical--and then practiced it with all 114 kids.  She ROCKS!  We had a performance during the school day and then two performances that night.  Our gym is small and we needed two shows so all parents could fit in without breaking the fire code and actually see their child. I think it worked well but by Friday I was ready for Spring Break.

Since on break, I revised my L-blend unit to include a few more activities.  This revised 88 page unit is perfect for independent practice during Daily 5 or literacy centers. It includes a slider, recording sheet, flip book, 3 Connect Four boards, and a worksheet for each of the following "l blends":
bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl.
I also added a sorting center with a recording sheet and a spinner game with recording sheet for students to review concepts learned.  It is $6.00.


If you already purchased it, go to TPT to re-download for FREE.

Then, I created an r-blend unit {which many of my kiddos will do after Spring Break}
This 111 page unit has absolutely everything you need to teach r-blends. R-blends included are br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr.
It includes:
-2 word slides for each r-blend with recording sheet for each blend
-flip book for each blend {onset and flip pages for each rime}
-four Connect Four boards for each of the 7 blends
-worksheet for each of the seven r-blends
-two review activities
-r-blend spinners and recording sheet
-r-blend sort and recording sheet
Student examples are also included.  It is only $6.99.  Get it here.

Want it? 

First three people to comment AND follow my blog, TPT store,  and Facebook  get it FREE!

Finally, I made a freebie for the week after break.  My students especially need work on data collection, which Everyday Math lacks.  Get it here.

Hope you find it useful:)


  1. Your blend units look awesome! :)

  2. Would love the unit!! It looks great!

  3. Both of your blend units look great. I would love to win one. I am a follower of your blog, TPT store, and Facebook page.

  4. Great Lindsey! I will send it to you asap. Thank you for following my rules:)

  5. I just downloaded and I absolutely love it. Can't wait to use it in my room with my kiddos.

  6. Your units look great Cecelia!!

    Thanks for sharing the freebie too!!

    The First Grade Dream