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Yesterday {Not school related} and a Few Pix of Last Week

Yesterday was a bust all around. 
We got to the Denver Convention Center for my daughter's last cheer competition and my bag was a waterfall.  Yes, the bag with my camera, laptop, Ipod Touch, phone, books, and Ipod classic...Two large water bottles opened and soaked all my stuff.  I had 4 pages to go on my 74 page place value unit and then I was going to proof and post for sale -gone.  Then, Emily left the medical waiver at home and it took 2 hours to find a blank one. 
Next, the kids performed and dropped the final stunt.  Tears everywhere.  My heart broke for the poor girl that fell and the bases that support her.
 My daughter was hysterical and she did nothing wrong.  I told her she had a perfect season--her first season -which was amazing, phenomenal, but all she could do is focus on the fall and not winning. I reminded her they won State and got 3rd in Nationals but the crocodile tears persisted.
At least she didn't tell me to throw out her 4th place medal like a few other girls did.  I just told all of them they could have got last place but they were just so upset they did their worst on their last competition.

Then, I made Emme smile to take this:

But --it is over, the season.
 So, we get ready to  leave.  My coat is gone, can't find it anywhere. No dinner for us at 8:30pm when we get home.  I went upstairs to just crawl into bed and end the day when I see there are no sheets on our bed. Still in the wash.. I grabbed some blankets and pillowcases, said my prayers and went to sleep.  Today HAS GOT  to be a better day.

Here are a few things we did last week.
State testing started in Grades 3, 4,5 so we have AWFUL schedules.  No break all afternoon.  We had to do outside recess to make it through but our crazy Colorado weather did not allow for it one day.  It was 70 degrees Monday,  67 on Tuesday, 15 on Wednesday {yes, fifteen degrees}, 60 Thursday and 66 on Friday.  So Wednesday we did indoor recess.  Here is my new sweetie who has acclimated so well to our room.

We watched You Think It is Being the Tooth Fairy? on Tumblebooks and did our tooth fairy craftivity.
This is my group this year.  Notice half of the kids are not even looking in the direction of the book?  Yup.  It's been a long year.

So darling, right?

Then, we finally wrapped up Black History Month with my favorite, Ruby Bridges. We watched the Disney movie over 2 days and read Through My Eyes and The Story of Ruby Bridges.  We determined the important facts and wrote them in our schoolhouses.

At last I can check off Dental Health and Black History Month--only 10 days after February.  Yippee!

We ended the week with a **FREE** field trip to the orthodontist.  It's a tax write off for him and good PR, so we always go.  Besides, it is fun.  We make plaster molds, play with titanium, get healthy snacks, learn to brush our teeth.  For about 25% of our kids, it is their first trip to any sort of dentist.
 The best part is the pictures they take:

 At least these friends have gorgeous teeth.  There were a couple of firsties who have teeth like my two children--in desperate need of more room and straightening.

My lap top is resting in rice with the rest of my electronics and, hopefully, after church will work---PLEASE!!!
It has got to be a better week.  It has nowhere to go but up:>)


  1. Oh my goodness...when it rains it pours {literally in your case} doesn't it?!?!

    This week WILL be better!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Oh wow! That's too bad. I sure hope your camera, iPod, etc. Are working again. Sorry that happened to you :(

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Thanks Holly and Barbara. Unfortunately my laptop is going to need a new hard drive. The worst part is the companies that make them are under water in Asia due to flooding and the prices have skyrocketed--about 450 dollars for the similar very large one I paid $100 in Jan. 2011.
    To top this news off, I just received a letter in the mail informing me that my son is no longer eligible for Long Term Care because"he no longer meets the requirements for a disability." I wonder when they found a cure for autism???? I didn't hear about that! Now I am going to have to appeal with the State of Colorado which will be a long, drawn out process and not so much fun

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

  4. Oh! My you poor thing. I've had bad weeks, but nothing this bad. I can relate to your wet electronics. My daughter spilled milk on our macbook. It was unfixable. We had just spent $300 the month before fixing the screen. UGH!

    I'm going to check out your movie about Ruby Bridges. I've always shown the movie, My Friend Martin. Now I have a new one to add to my movie list.

    I hope your week improves!

    Do you have any advice for new teachers? I'm having a linky party to give tips to new teachers or new to your grade level. I'm going to make a pinterest board from all the ideas. If you'd like to join, hop over to my blog.