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I'm in the Mood for Mo--Willems, That is

This unit has been PERFECT for the end of the year.  My firsties have stayed so joyfully busy while I work on finishing end of year projects.
 There are a few darling Mo Willems Units out there but this one is different.  You choose the books and use these materials.  Templates are included for all of the projects. 

This adorable 38 page unit will ensure your students LOVE reading...especially Mo Willems books. Included in this perfectly priced product:
-student examples
-character analysis-bubble maps
-darling duckling, pigeon and Knuffle Bunny crafts along with templates
-Story Maps
-Double bubble Maps to compare and contrast
-How to draw the Pigeon
-Books for children to write and create including We Are in a Book, The Pigeon Finds a ____ and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the ______ along with student examples

Only $4.99

Get it here.


  1. EEEEEEk Mo is a favorite in our room too!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
    PS If you haven't already joined my giveaway I would love to have you join!

  2. I looove Mo!! I think I have all of the books!! My kids love all the books so much!!