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School's Out {Finally}, New Product, Favorite Fonts Linky Party

Praise God!  School is FIN*AL*LY out for summer! Thank you for giving me the patience and strength to survive this year.   I thought this day would



Two days ago my baby boy finished elementary school.  My baby is now a big


How did that happen?  

I haven't a clue. 

 I am WAY too young  {{ha, ha}}

to be the mom to two middle schoolers.

Those of you who know I just celebrated my 47th  birthday, just humor me here.

My son Nick's continuation was a tear jerker.  I tried to hold back the tears but I was a waterwork.  He sang, had a part in a skit and waited his turn without acting out at all.  Those of you who don't know, my son is an 11 year old who happens to be autistic.  So the aforementioned is a


He surprises me every single day and makes me a proud mama.

Here is my sweet boy with a few of his buddies:

And here he is receiving his certificate:

Yesterday was out last day of school.  Another teary day.  One of my favorite families from last year left a note for me saying as they were writing notes to this year's teachers they realized how hard I worked and how I truly cared for my students and wanted them to strive to be their best. 

That started the tears and then we had our breakfast and end of year movie, which only took me 8 hours to make this year, and the tears continued.   Half of my students were crying, dads, moms, grandparents, it was a touching moment.  I always end the video with one of my childhood favorites from Carole King, Child of Mine.  If you do not know that song, it is a beautiful, heartfelt song that is really wraps up a parents and teachers heart.  Love it.

I have another product completed thanks to fishing at the reservoir and cheer practice:)  Writing Wild Style.  My firsties could not get enough of these and loved having choice of a prompt or blank paper to create their own story.  Here is a picture showing the majority of the unit, which is only $3.99

Get it here.

Check out this font linky party if you are a font freak like me:


My NEW fav's are from the A*MA*ZING Jennifer Jones.

  I have followed that girl for a good six-seven years and she just gets better with time.  She is creating some awesome fonts on her new ipad that can be used commercially with a link back to her.  My favorite is Hello Firstie.
Check it out here.

Go along her right sidebar to download. 

I've gotta go make breakfast for the six boys and two girls who slept over last night.  Summer has begun.



  1. Enjoy your summer! I'm going to try to find that Carole King song on itunes or youtube. I love making class videos and maybe it's a song I can use next year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just discovered Jennifer's fonts and I am in love! Happy summer!!!

    Thanks for linking up!