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Summer Project-Multisensory Sight Words

Way back when I had these awesome multisensory alphabet cards.  I found a few of them in the basement this week when I was getting our outdoor furniture out.  I had this "light bulb" moment, which, unfortunately, has been rare as of late. 

So, I devised a plan.  I got sand, typed up a few words in outline format.  Then, I saw the puffy paint.  I decided to play around.   I made sand and puffy paint sight words.  There was one slight issue-how to keep the sand on permanently.  I thought of a few ideas but since I was refinishing a piece of furniture I had varnish out.  Bingo!  Varnish will adhere to that sand FOR*EVER!

I got this all purpose varnish at Hobby Lobby for another project a few months ago. At first it stained the cardstock but it dried beautifully.  I applied a generous amount and they turned out great.  Here they are.

I need to make more but this was my first attempt and I am pleased.

This photo shows the depth of the sand which is essential.

Here are the puffy paint words.

My daughter loves the paint words and my son loves the sand words.  I am sure your students will love one or the other or both, toom and, hopefully, learn their sight words in the process!

Get the **free** sight word masters here.

What are your summer projects?




  1. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! I am pinning it so I don't forget to do this before the end of summer!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten