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Dog Update and Wild About Word Work

We finally got our dog Romeo back!  A lady found him and gave him to her friend, who was a vet.  They scanned his microchip, but it wasn't registered to me.  He was still registered to the no-kill shelter we got him at.  They never contacted us.  Finally, I got the brilliant idea to call the microchip company and viola! they put us in contact with the vet.  Our four legged baby is home! We missed him.

I've received requests to combine my tic-tac-toe boards and papers.  I said I wasn't going to do it, but I decided to. {{Lesson learned-if you bug me, I will come around, lol}}

 Now, they are even better!  

I've added more choices to meet all of the diverse learners in your classroom.  

The words used are different, too.  I decided to use high frequency words as well as the most common words in leveled readers, between levels 3-20.  

This way students are exposed to words they both read and write.

Here is a sampling of what you will get.

Here is the listing.

This product provides ten weeks of work work that is differentiated and perfect for all types of learners. All the activities are included so all you need to do is print and go!
Included in this 51 page unit are ten tic-tac-toe boards for spelling, homework, or word work during literacy centers or Daily Five as well as the worksheets for all of the activities included on the boards. Activities include rainbow words, length words, perfect penmanship, ant and elephant words, across and down, shape spelling, flower words, fancy words, roll a word, connect the dots, pyramid words, scrambled words, color words, building words, sight word practice, trace over and read, write, cover and check. Other activities are sand spelling, magna doodles, white board spelling, bean spelling, stamps, playdough spelling, wikki stix spelling, bottle cap spelling and dot paint spelling.
Get it here on TPT and on TN for $8.99.


as usual, first 3 people to comment telling why they want it, get it



  1. Hi I could sure use this with my daily 5. Thanks Julie heyjbales@sbcglobal.net

  2. I love all the different ways to practice their words!!! :) Just like jbales said... it's perfect for word work during daily 5!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  3. This looks fantastic!! It would be great to use during my literacy centers!

    The First Grade Dream

  4. So glad to hear that your dog was found!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. Sent it your way! Let me know what you think. I love any type of feedback--it only makes me a better teacher:)

  6. I love word work centers for my first graders. You have a lot of fun activities I'd like to try this fall.

  7. I am so glad to hear you got your dog back!!!

  8. That is amazing that you got your dog back! A few years ago our dog went missing for over a week (long story!). Every single day we spent our lunch and a couple of hours after work driving around looking for her. One day during our lunch time we found her limping down the street. I'm not sure who was more excited... us or her. Another miracle! :-)

    You word work unit looks great.