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Aurora, Colorado

I woke up this morning in New York only to find out that twelve people were
murdered in my backyard.
Oh dear God...

Please wrap your loving arms around all the people affected by this tragedy. I cannot imagine what these families are going through. They will need a lot of support in the days, weeks and years to come.

My kids and I are waiting for the list of those killed.  Since the mall is fifteen minutes from our home, and schools we go to {and teach at},  there is always the possibility.

It's hard to believe that Colorado, the beautiful state my New Yorker husband and I transplanted ourselves to, is now the home to two of the largest mass murders in the country.  What is happening in this world?  

My bloggy friends, your prayers are  needed  for  Colorado.



  1. I am sending prayers to those affected by this tragedy. It is a shame that sick people like that exist.

  2. Prayers. There are several followers of our blogs who know people affected as well. This is so horrible :(

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  3. Prayers are being sent to all those affected by this tragedy. May God give them strength in their time of need.

  4. This is just awful. So sad. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  5. I have been praying for the victims, families, community, and the responders working to bring this tragedy to a close. I also pray that this doesn't touch your life any more personally than it has already.

  6. This is just heartbreaking. Praying for all of the victims and their family and friends. :-(

  7. Thoughts and prayers have been going out to the community! What a tragdey!! On a happier note, thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  8. The situation is so sad and confusing. I pray for those involved and for our country and world as a whole to live without fear and violence when it is so unnecessary.

  9. What horrible news to wake up to! As we turned on the radio we heard all about the crime, but not the place. When they said Aurora -- 15 minutes from our home, we were completely shocked! It's nice to know so many people are sending their good thoughts our way.
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