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Scrunchy Border and New Unit-Folder Fun-Primary Literacy Sorts

Scrunchy Borders
Have you seen these yet?  They are all over Pinterest.  Initially, I saw them on this FABULOUS blog - Peace, Love, and First Grade.
While you are looking at Laura's directions, check out her blog.  She is A*MAZ*ING.
After 3, yes, three long hours, I got half of my 8' x 7' wall done.  Here it is:

 I cropped this pix cause of the background, which is a bed sheet.  It was a wrinkled MESS!

 I had to iron the sheet, while on the wall, which was A LOT of work.

When I finished, the wall looked like this:

Much better, right?


Look at the before/after pictures of the stapler I used to do this:



I cannot believe I cracked the plastic off and then managed to
it in half!

Scrunchy love

Last Sunday, our 11 year old son, Nick, {{my baby}}went to camp for the first time ever.  This year, Nick spent his first nights away from me EVER in May when he went to a 3 day camp with his 5th grade class.

 Nick happens to be autistic so this is a


deal. I have spent the last ten years spending the majority of my time and brain power worrying, planning, researching and caring for my precious boy.
As we were checking him in at the Easter Seals camp, I could tell he was getting sad. I tried my hardest to stay upbeat and positive but after we got to his cabin and I made his bed, we both lost it. I tried to pull myself together but my husband told me to just say goodbye and leave. I pretty much cried the whole ride home but I pray that he stopped.
I know going to camp all by himself is so good for him; a major step towards independence, which I truly want for Nick, but I felt like I left my heart at that camp high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Well, we both survived being apart {I think he did better than I did}
My daughter and I drove up to the camp to pick him up this morning.  Nick had SO much fun and truly enjoyed himself.  He was so proud that he was a big boy and got over missing me and feels so successful.

In addition, Nick wants to go back to camp next year!!!


He made many new friends and, of course, all of the adults knew him by name. 

Nick told us all about his adventures.  He ziplined, kayaked, did arts and crafts, rode horses, swam and, of course, fished. He caught over forty fish --a record at the camp.

 All the counselors gushed about him and how sweet and helpful he was. They all ADORED him.

When we got there, he ran up to me, jumped around my torso, wrapped his legs around me and we hugged for a good five or more minutes. I just love that darling boy. I am a blessed mom.

Here is my sweet boy:

I know he doesn't look thrilled but he is so happy to be home.

Finally -- I am so proud of the product I just finished called Folder Fun-Literacy Sorts Unit!

This 98 page unit is full of Folder Fun! I’ve included everything you’ll need to implement the folder sorts.   It’s quick and easy! Included in this product is an upper case and lower case letter sort, vowel and consonant sort, short vowels sorts for /a/ and /e/,  /e/ and /i/,  and /o/ and /u/.   In addition, a digraph sort for  /ch/  and  /sh/  is included in this product.   You will find recording sheets so students can write down what they sorted or cut and paste what they placed in each pocket.  OR you may choose to use the sheets as a follow up activity.  This is made to meet your needs as well as your students!
Folder Fun is perfect for intervention, centers, or even homework.  I use all of these throughout the year to meet the varying needs of my students and you will, too!

You can get yours here on TPT 


you can follow my blog and TPT store as well as leave a comment as why you like this product and the first three people will get it for


Thanks,  my bloggy friends!

Here's to a FABULOUS weekend!!!!



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  2. I love how many sounds it covers. Sorts really help students apply sounds in a meaningful way. Looks fantastic!
    Jennifer Larkin

  3. This is GREAT! Kids love to sort, cut and paste and I know they will love this!


  4. I alreadY follow you and love how it contains everything needed for first grade literacy!


  5. So glad your son enjoyed his camp! And your bulletin board looks great! I am definitely going to try to make scrunchy borders too this year! I follow you of course :) and this file looks amazing!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  6. I love the scrunchy border. Your activities look awesome too! =)

    Heather's Heart

  7. Going to check this out now!! What a great idea.

  8. Love your stapler! I have one just like. I created it myself too. Love it to put my bulletin boards up. :-)


  9. Cecelia, you have made my day! Thank you so much for the shout-out! Your board looks fantastic! I need to try using sheets! Your Folder Fun looks great, too! And that precious boy, I know you are a proud mama!! So glad he had fun and is now home with you!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  10. I LOVE your scrunchy border! That is sooo cute! Glad your son had such a great time at camp. You must be such a wonderful mom! :)