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I'm in the Huge Sale-And So Should You

This is it!  Teachers Pay Teachers only offers a 
coupon code a couple times annually.  In August, 
we receive my favorite one. 
I spend so much money too much money getting
my classroom ready so I  need to buy things on
sale--only on sale. Therefore, I've been waiting
for Sunday.  Yes, a mere 3 days away.  I can
buy all of the items in my shopping cart. 
Why?  It's the Back to School Sale! Most sellers
will have their stores on sale but
when you apply promo code BTS12, you'll
receive an additional 10% off!  Woo-hoo!

To celebrate, I joined up with some 62  A*MAZ*ING 
store owners to bring you the sale; the Super Start
to the School Year Sale

Here is YOUR invite:

I am in the HUGE SALE so, ALL of my TPT products will
be 15% off
25% off with the code.

I recently uploaded a bunch of
and morning work
I believe you will take one look and want to buy it! 
Yes, I can honestly say they are THAT good.

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On August 12 and August 13, ALL of these FABULOUS
shops will be on sale *PLUS* you will receive an
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Where else but the Teachers Pay Teachers
Super Start of the School Year Sale!


  1. Guess I missed out on this big link up to promote the sale. Would it be alright if I used the cute graphic on the top of your page to promote the sale on my blog too?
    Thanks! PamHyer.blogspot.com

  2. I think I missed the boat too. I (Clever Classroom) would love to be added too! Please contact me should there still be a chance to be featured; emma@cleverclassroom.com.au

    Emma :)

  3. A wonderful list of teacher-authors with 100s of great resources for sale on back to school. Thank you so much.

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