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I am linking up with the amazing Farley over at  Oh Boy Fourth Grade! with this month's Currently.   If you haven't checked out her blog, WHERE have you been?!?!?  She has lost a ton of weight and looks FABULOUS--all from walking.  You go, girl!

Our family tradition every Labor Day is to go to a local farm in northern Colorado where we ...LABOR.  We have a ton of fun, too.  Miller Farms opens to the public every Labor Day.  Labor Day is the perfect day to attend because the summer produce is glorious as well as the weather.  We always go on fall break for our winter produce but the weather can be iffy then.  Today was HOT but gorgeous.  The farm is high and faces the Rocky Mountains--just beautiful.

They have corn mazes, rides, a petting zoo and a huge sand pile to slide down.  Here's my kids basking in the sunshine:

As Emily says, a chair fit for a princess!

Nick loves these.  Every year he makes a b-line to them.

Miller Farms has wagons attached to tractors that take us out into the fields where we get to pick farm fresh produce.  We get sunburnt and filthy but have a ball.  Here is a photo of the Sequoia with HALF of what we picked:

Next,  we get to have the long trek home where we unload and get to work.  Then, the fun begins.  Cleaning, canning, freezing, pureeing, making care packages, etc.  

I am


Do I really have to set the alarm??  Just 1 more day would be fabulous.

Have a beautiful week and to those of you just starting school tomorrow - Enjoy!  



  1. Cecelia I hear you! only 2 weeks into the school year and I feel like I have been working for 2 months!
    I love Colorado, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful state! I am in flat Florida with the bugs and humidity! ugh!
    Have a great year!

  2. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun and hard work! What a great family tradition!

    Reading Toward the Stars!

  3. Looks like you had a very laborous Labor Day but very productive! I wish we could have 3 day weekends every week. They are great!

    KinderKids Fun