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My Poor Neglected Blog

 We've been super busy in first grade. So busy, I've neglected my blog.  I haven't had a moment to even stop and think in the past two weeks.  I sure hope I slow down soon although I doubt it will happen before Fall Break.
Here are some snippets from the past few weeks.
 My district implements Everyday Math K-5. For those of you who use EDM, you know that it doesn't really correlate with Common Core Standards because it lacks in number sense and then covers a broad range of topics rather than going deeper.  I've created several items to "beef up" my instruction and am testing them out now.  Here is one for number sense and sets:

Instead of Top it with cards, we are playing with ten frames.  It is much more difficult this way.

Once I've taught the units, I'll revise them based on results.  I already have a few things to change. When I'm done I will put them up on TPT.
We've been working hard in Daily Five.  The children are building stamina during Read to Someone.

We've done a great job chosing partners, taking turns reading and retelling the text.
The kids love my Dollar Tree "Magic Reading Wands" that I purchased last Valentine's Day.

We've had to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide which book to read first.  My firsties especially love all of the Mo Willems' books in our classroom library.  It is hard to decide which one to read first!
We've begun using my Ready for Read to Someone pack and will also use my Read to Someone Pack to ensure accountability during this Daily.

First graders have also started practicing Work on Words.  Last week I introduced two of the ways to practice sight words whole group without my Tic Tac Toe boards.  This week, we are trying our hand at it.

Kids love the choice and variety offered and are learning how to spell those tricky first grade words.
If you are interested in how it is done, check out my products on TPT.
This version includes words.
This version includes words
Here are the older versions of my tic tac toe word work:
I've been teaching how to do Writer's Workshop since the first day of school.  It is a new concept for many of my students.  Here is what we've covered so far:
Many children are excited to have choice and are thrilled that they are authors.  We love "Chair Share" when we stand on a chair and read our books!
We had a wedding in our class today.  Q and U got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the firsties now know that they cannot write q without it's "husband" u.  Look at these sweet faces!


Not to be bragging, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Common Core Morning Work!  The children are independently doing their work so I can go through BEE Books, read notes, and take attendance.  I especially like the sight words on the bottom of each page where kids get to write them one day and then read them to their elbow partner the next.  It has been such a gift first thing in the morning. 

I finally completed the fourth month edition.  I will start the fifth month soon.  I plan on getting the entire year's worth up by the end of December.  It's a lofty goal but I think I can do it. 
 You can get months 1-4 on TPT.  Here are the links:



Hope all of you are having a FABULOUS week!

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