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Common Core and Cyber Sale on TPT

I am SO excited for TPT's big sale tomorrow and Tuesday.  My cart is full with items worth $100.00+  but will be on sale for Cyber Monday!  Remember to use code CMT12 and check out my store to get  28% off .

Just in time for the HUGE sale on TPT, I completed two units to address CCSS. 

This is my Common Core Christmas Math unit that I created for first graders.
If you are looking for items to supplement your math curriculum to meet Common Core Standards, this is for you! 
There are 16 different worksheets that address CCSS 1.O.A.,1.N.B.T., and 1. M.D. that allow first grade students to demonstrate proficiencies while getting in the holiday spirit!
Get it here.

I finally finished another month of my best selling first grade common core math and literacy morning work.
This morning work is designed for the sixth month of first grade. It meets many Common Core Standards. For Math, it addresses 1. O.A.,1. N.B.T, I.M.D. and 1.G.
For the language arts Common Core ELA Standards, this month’s morning work addresses 1R. F. S. 1, 1R. F. S. 3, and 1R. F. S. 4.

The product is is mostly back and white, so it will cost less to print.

This 25 page product is what you need to keep kids busy while practicing skills so you can do all that you need to in the a.m. without interruption.
Get it here.

I also bundled my First Grade Common Core Morning Work Months 1-5 at a 10% discount.  You can check it out here.

Have a blast shopping tomorrow.  I know I will!


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