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The Magical Product Swap


I was lucky enough to be paired up with Amanda of First Grade Garden for Jessica Stanford's Product Swap.  I chose Amanda's First Grade Winter Math  Centers.  This product includes nine math centers :

1. Hot Chocolate Puzzles {matching numbers to number words 1-20}
2. Mitten Counting by 5s {skip counting by 5's, from 5-100}
3. Spin and Graph a Snowman {bar graphs}
4. Snowball Measurement {non-standard measurement using "snowballs"}
5. How Many Fish? {domino addition}
6. Mitten Patterns {repeating patterns}
7. One More/One Less {number order from 5-40}
8. Penguin Doubles {double addition facts, from 0-11}
9. Snowball Ordering {ordering three numbers, from 0-29}

These centers were a TON of fun and my students absolutely loved doing them {and still are}.

Here are some of my firsties playing Penguin Doubles. As with all of my math centers, I place all of the papers and manipulatives in laminated envelopes with the directions on the front.  Amanda provided all of this, so it was nice and easy to make all of the games.

Students spread out all of the doubles facts, match their answers and record on the sheet provided. Doubles facts are useful {and important} to know because students can use them as an "anchor" for unknown facts.  If you know 5 + 5 = 10, then you know 10 - 5 = 5 and 5 + 4 = 9 and 5 + 6 = 11.  See why CCSS mention them?

Here is Snowball Ordering.
Children spread out the snowballs and choose 3.  They place them in order from smallest to largest then record them on their paper.

Spin and Graph a Snowman was a favorite of many students.

Children take turns spinning and graphing what they spun.  They finish they have "built" a snowman.  I laminated the snowman paper and provided a sock and dry erase marker so students can use the center over and over again...and they have!

How Many Fish? was another favorite.I included some transparency dominoes that I no longer use {{does anyone still use transparencies?}} to make the game more interesting.  After the students got over the fact that the dominoes were transparent, they enjoyed writing the facts to go along with their domino.

Snowball Measurement was another favorite center.  The students loved using the "snowballs" {I used really small cotton balls} to measure different pictures.  I loved it because it really pertains to CCSS M & D standards-nonstandard units of measurement.

I placed the "snowballs" in a separate baggie and just tucked it into the envelope with all of the other center pieces.

What I liked the best was that students could work together yet still work.  They compared their answers and even taught one another when they left spaces between their snowballs of did not measure how tall each item was.  This center provided a lot of learning opportunities and kept the kids engaged.  Even better, we were working on Everyday Math Unit 4 when I introduced these Winter Centers, and Unit 4 is all about measurement.  

You should definitely check out this product!  It will make math this winter magical!

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