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April Showers Bring May Flowers and Chicken Love

The saying goes, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" but what does April snow bring???
Let me tell you we have had more snow in April than we had all winter long.  Still not a ton, less than 6 inches, but the Denver area needs the moisture desperately.  And we finally got our first snow day, so we'll take it. 
We decided that April Showers {or snow} brings mud.  So we made these darling ducklings and wrote about mud.

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We've also being reviewing Author's Purpose and made this tree map.

My darling son got a chick for Easter.  He loves it so much he named it after his sister. 
That was chick Emily at 2 weeks old.  She imprinted on my son and follows him everywhere.  It is hilarious watching them run down the cul-de-sac.  He runs in circles and the poor chick doesn't know which way to turn and falls over trying to follow him.

I brought the chick to school.  The kids all fell in love with Emily.

Then, I saw Hope King's product

All I did to supplement was write a nonfiction article about chickens and we were ready to go.  We did our writing on the chicken's life cycle during Daily Five  Work on Writing and are making the life cycle today.  Here is my example:

This is the craft from Hope King's fabulous product.  I suggest you go out and get one for yourself right now!  It is excellent and Common Core aligned.  I love it!

Have a beautiful day!

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