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Teacher Appreciation Week

I love Teacher Appreciation Week and wish EVERY week could be it.  Today we were surprised with Qdoba for lunch.  Tomorrow it is Einstein Bagels and Starbucks....
I work at a GREAT school. 

I hope all of you are getting treated like queens and kings, too. 

But if you are not, know TPT and I appreciate you.  We appreciate what you do every single day for the precious children.   We know the extra hours, nights and weekends you put in.  We understand the sleepless nights you've spent worrying over a lesson or a student. We appreciate everything you do.  I know your students do, too, even if they don't tell you or even act like it from time to time.

Here are some of my recommendations from my shop.  These are my top sellers.  Don't just take it from me; look at a few of my comments from people who bought them!

SMARTBoard Calendars


YEAH!  My kids love your calendars!  Thanks!

Very helpful, for us that did not grow up in the technology age!!  : )

A lot of information and activities in one little spot.  Love it!

I’m so glad that I found this.  I’ve purchased several smartboard calendars this year and this by FAR is my favorite.

This is by far the best purchase I have made thus far on TPT.

Nonfiction Text Features


Great asset for teaching non-fiction!

I love your ideas.  My class is starting to make your non-fiction features notebook next week.  
I know they will learn a lot and will love their notebook.

I’m a literacy coach and I needed a good resource to use when modeling teaching text features.  
This resource was phenomenal!!!!!!!!

There are TONS of resources in this packet very high quality!  Thanks :)

Common Core Primary Persuasive and Opinion Writing


Another Awesome Resource from you!  Love it…love it…love it!  Thank you for all your hard work!!

Fabulous resources! Thanks!

This was my first time teaching this unit.  Your unit provided so much support in my planning and delivery.  Thanks!

Amazing packet.  Highly recommend.

Absolutely LOVE it!! Awesome unit.  I just started today and the kids are SOOO into the pigeons!! They are so excited about writing these letters …and they loved passing the Accelerated Reader test on the book!

Common Core Math and ELA Morning Work for First Grade

This is a preview of one of the ten months included.

Regularly there is a discount of 12% when you buy the bundle (reg. price $40) instead of purchasing each month at a total of $59.88.  But with the 28% off it is around $31.00 for the year set!


I really needed something that would touch several skills in one sweep (morning work). So, I'm tickled that I can put something on their desk first thing in the morning the last month of school to review skills for the Common Core. Thanks!

Love the Morning work! Great work!!

We use this faithfully each morning. My kids love it!

I love these! I'll be purchasing all of them!

Goes along great with the pacing guide

I would be lost without this! It has been a wonderful addition to my classroom!  Thank you so much!

I AM IN LOVE with these packets!  My students enjoy doing them because they are independent and the “elbow partner” is so much fun in the morning!  Thanks J

Check them out now and buy tomorrow!!  Remember to use code TAD13.


P.S. I just saw Christina Bainbridge's blog and realized my post should link up to her linky party.  So funny I did it without even knowing she was doing a feedback linky )

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