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The Barometer is Dropping in Denver

I never believed weather affects behavior until I became a teacher 20 years ago...and I am not just talking about the students....
Today is May 1st and it is spring, right?? Well, we have snow today in Denver.


 It is only like the 4th snow this school year but, come on, it's May!  To add to this, my lovely teammate went on a field trip with her son and we needed to move her sub to another room without a substitute, so I had a few extra kids.  I had an IEP meeting all morning and had 1o minutes to plan before the firsties arrived. 

I had less than ten minutes to adjust my lesson plans {and brain} and make extra copies. We had a blast and it was fun.  However, I needed to make a pit stop on the way home to the adult beverage store so I could decompress....
I feel much better now.  Hooray!
Here are a few snippets from our week.  My son's chicken went to a farm high in the Rocky Mountains last week.  That was that. Then, we visited Murdocks, a local store here in the Denver Metro area.  Well, they had the most darling ducklings EVER.  I must be crazy, but decided to get one after my sweet boy asked.  But, the sales person informed me they do better in pairs so I ended up getting not one, but two.  I swear I need an interventionist for farm stores.  Having grown up in NYC I never experienced this and have a weak spot for adorable things...
Meet Cecelia and Platypus, two new additions to our family----

Today we worked on poetry with a fabulous idea from First Grade Wow.  {{I love, love, love this website}}}

Here are our poems:

So. much. fun.

Hope you had a wonderful day, too.



  1. You are a great team member I'm sure your partner teacher is happy to have someone as flexible and obviously talented as you! Enjoy your adult beverage! Jodi

    Oh, just saw the rest of your post, have fun with the ducklings! Your poems are terrific,

  2. Wow... Snow?? I'm in Chicago so I understand...hope spring comes and you have a better week!
    firstgradejournal blogspot