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Colorado TPT Meet Up

I had a BLAST meeting other Teacher Pay Teacher sellers from Colorado.  We met yesterday in downtown Denver at the Rock Bottom Brewery. It is so nice to meet someone you've "spoken" to on the forums. They were just like I pictured, too!


Here is who went.  I'll start  from the bottom left and go clockwise.
Lorrie Birchall - (Sorry Lorrie about the name misspelling on Instagram yesterday.)
Lorrie is  a literacy specialist.  All of her products are based on her years of experience and are literacy based.  She has lived all over but has been in Colorado around 18 years.

Brenda White - Brenda has two little kids, age 4 and 5.  On Monday, she is starting a new job as a Coach.  She has had this job before, but is beginning this job at a new STEM school.  She loves to play tennis, too.

Pam Kranz - Pam is a "retired" 6th grade teacher.  I put retired in quotes because she is still working with TPT.  Pam offered to help me put together this meet up and did most of the work.  Thank you, Pam.  She is fabulous.  Pam has two sons who are all grown and out of the house.  Pam also likes to play tennis.

I am next in the photo.

After me, there is Naomi.

Naomi O'Brien - Naomi just moved to Colorado from Orlando, Florida LAST WEEK.  Despite the moving process, she still decided to meet up with us .  She is starting a new job as a 2nd grade teacher on the 12th of August.  She will be at a school a few miles from my home and school.  Naomi's TPT store is Read Like a Rock Star and I am sure a lot of you know of her.

Kristin Holmquist - Kristin has two children, too.  She is starting a new job this year.  She teaches 3rd grade.  Kristin loves tennis and is working hard to change her level.  We all suggested the tennis pro's should play one another.

Starting from the bottom left - Me, Naomi, Kristin, Pam, Lorrie, Brenda and Pam

Lorrie, Brenda and Pam

Naomi and Kristin

We are planning on meeting again in October!  If you live in Colorado, and want to join us, please let me know.  My contact information is under the tab "Contact Me".

Before I left for the meet - up, I finished Classroom Couture.  This pack is all decorative!  When you are setting up your room, you can use these items to make your classroom beautiful.  Here is a peek at the product.

Rectangular table signs, welcome signs and Daily 5/CAFE(not pictured) signs
Number charts 0-20, Alphabet chart and Daily Schedule signs.

Days of the Week and Months of the Year Signs
Shape and Supply signs

Color signs and blank signs with directions how to edit are included.

You can find it here.

Have a beautiful day!

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