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I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently.  I haven't done this in FOREVER so it was a ton of fun!!

Listening - My son has a friend over and is having a blast.  I love listening to his laugh.  It truly is the greatest sound he makes.

Loving - I love   ADORE waking up on my own.  I despise the alarm clock; it ruins my sweet dreams.

Thinking - This summer has been glorious.  I really think summer should be 9 months long.  Don'tcha agree?

Wanting - I want someone to set up my classroom so I don't have to.  I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler let along hang up something straight.  I need tons of patience to make my room right.

Needing - I need to spend time in my classroom as Open House, which is also Back to School Night, is on August 15th.  That is in 2 weeks!!! 

Back to School Must Haves- Chevron borders.  I ordered these a few weeks ago and I need them to arrive.  All the stores were out of the colors I want!
Decorative Duct Tape - I cover all things ugly with it.  It is easy to put on {{and take off}} and really pretties up the room.
Starbucks - I don't know about you, but my body runs on caffeine, especially after a ten week summer break.  I am on a Venti Ice Coffee Kick right now as it is easy on the waist.

That was fun!  Go get yourself some fun with Farley and link up, too!

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