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What to Buy at Teachers Pay Teachers Big Sale

I am sure most everyone has heard about the big sale at Teachers Pay Teachers tomorrow, August 18, and Monday, August 19.  As a teacher and penny pincher, I LOVE me a sale.  I appreciate a sale on things I actually need to purchase and will make my life easier.

Everything in my store is on sale both days.  You will get  28%  off when you use code BTS13 at checkout.

Some of my bestsellers include

Teaching Non Fiction Text Features-with over 800 sold, 121 votes and a 4.0 rating
This 64 page package includes teaching ideas, a chart with pictures of features already on it, circle map, Labels for chart or tree map, photos of each text feature and 2 non fiction feature notebooks. One has definitions already included and one is blank. This is all you need to teach about non fiction text features!

First Grade Math and ELA Common Core Morning Work-with over 600 sold and 123 votes and a 3.9 rating
This morning work is designed for the first month of school. It meets many Common Core Standards. For Math, it addresses 1. O.A. and 1. N.B.T. For language arts, this addresses 1R. F. S. 3 and 1R. F. S. 4.
The product is is mostly back and white, so it will cost less to print.
This 24 page product is what you need to keep kids busy while practicing skills so you can do all that you need to in the a.m. without interruption.

You can also purchase Morning Work for the year which meets even more CCSS at a discount.

Primary Persuasive/Opinion Writing Unit-Over 500 sold with 81 votes and a 4.0 rating
This 57 page unit is aligned with first and second grade Common Core standards. It includes book responses, book review sheets, opinion charts, fact/opinion chart, Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late text innovation, opinion writing lessons, oreo organizer, planning sheets, prompts, friendly persuasive letter lesson, real world persuasive piece, list of mentor texts, mini lessons for adding details, strong leads and closing sentences.
Don't look any further. This will cover all of the Common Core Standards!

Reading Comprehension Worksheets-over 800 sold and 83 votes and a 4.0 rating
This bundle has it all for first through third grade teachers (or 4th and 5th grade teachers with strugglers). The jam packed 32 pages includes all of the comprehension strategies and can be used with fiction and non fiction as well as listening center/Listen to Reading or even as homework.
Pages include:
Characters, Setting, Main Character Analysis, Mental Images, 3 pages for Connections, 3 pages for Main idea, Synthesis, 4 pages for non fiction features, BME, Asking Questions, Double Bubble Map, Story Map, Fact or Opinion, Super Summary, Sentence Stoppers, Vocabulary, Inferenceing, Contractions, Wonder Web and 2 pages for Determining Importance.
This is all you need for teaching and assessing comprehension strategies.

Subitizing - Over 200 sold and 55 votes and a 4.0 rating
This is a compilation of Common Core lessons and activities similar to Math Recovery for subitizing. Subitizing is a way of instantly counting or immediately knowing how many are in a set without counting. Subitizing is a critical skill because it makes abstract mathematical ideas more concrete. Subitizing makes math more meaningful {and easier} instead of the traditional memorization method. Subitizing is part of the Common Core Standards.Kindergarten: Counting and Cardinality(K.CC.1, K.CC.4,K.CC.5),Operations and Algebraic Thinking (K.O.A.3), Number and Operations in Base Ten (K.NBT.1)
First Grade: Number and Operations in Base Ten (1.NBT.1, 1.NBT.5), Operations and Algebraic Thinking(1 O.A. 1, 1 O.A. 4, 1 O.A. 8)
Second Grade: Number and Operations in Base Ten (2.NBT.2), Operations and Algebraic Thinking (2.O.A. 1)

Here is what's included:
Flash Activities, Ten Frame Games, Dot Plate Lesson, Can You Make Ten? Game, Flash Frenzy Game, Dot Card Activities-lesson, games, printable cards with regular and irregular patterns, Senses Subitizing Lesson, Bead Flash Lesson, Spill the Beans lesson, directions and recording sheet, Foam Block Lesson, Foam Block Flash, Shake Your Counters lesson, directions and recording sheets, Part-Part-Whole Lesson and template and subitizing homework activities.
You can use this product with the whole class,a small group, one on one as well as math intervention.
Perfect for grades K-2 or intervention for intermediate grades.

Two new products that have been selling like hotcakes are:

You can also get the first five months of Second Grade Common Core Morning Work at a discount here.

You can also get the Second Grade August and September Common Core Calendar here.

But, what am I buying??
There are so many things in my cart!  {Don't tell the hubby}

Here are a few of my recommendations:

My teammate made these and we have been using them for years.  I finally convinced her to post them onto TPT.  They are FABULOUS and I love the results.  It is a wonderful way to get parents involved, too. Get them here.
Kristy also made similar homework journals for second grade and kindergarten.  Get second grade's here and kindergarten's here.

Main Idea can be tricky for some kids! I used these sheets for morning work
and had my kids confident about knowing what the main idea of a story was.
Perfect for 1st and 2nd graders! Get it here.

It's a great way to review math concepts at the end of the unit, or as a
"refresher" anytime throughout the year.  The best part is kids are up and
out of their seats, working together, and learning from each other.  This
product is most appropriate for 2nd-4th grades.  Get it here.

It is an interchangeable bulletin board that helps students practice skills aligned to the Common Core in a center type style.  I really like this product because it covers so many standards and is so easy for teachers! Get it here.

This is Ashlyn's best seller, States of Matter Pack. I love this product because first off I use it with my first graders and made this because there wasn't much out there to meet my science needs! The pack is easy to use and the kids love it. The science experiments are great. Especially the ice cream making!! Get it here.

I'm purchasing Math Games Galore Bundle.  It's a collection of the author's favorite math computation, order of operations and place value games.  I love these games because they're easily differentiated, work well in a variety of learning situations (centers, solitaire, team challenges, whole class, homework), and are easy to leave for a substitute once the class knows how to play.  They're appropriate for grades 4-8. I am getting them to play with my 7th grade son who dislikes math but loves games. Get it here.

I'm in love with this special education survival binder.  Perfect for the classroom teacher. This Special Education Binder has EVERYTHING that you could ever want or need at your fingertips as a special education teacher! Check out the preview--You will see much of what is offered, but not all of it, so please read through the list carefully to see everything that you would be getting! Get it here.
A Novel Study for WONDER, by R.J. Palacio
This best selling novel study for Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  It is a wonderful book and teaches kids of all ages about tolerance and acceptance for kids who are different. Also promotes the understanding that who we are on the inside is what really counts. Getting it for my son.  You can get it here.

Well, that's a wrap.  Happy shopping!!

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