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Currently and Guided Reading

I am linking up with Farley and this month's Currently. Yes, I know I am late but I am swamped at work and pooped after work.  Last night I went to bed at 6 pm...such is the life of a tired teacher.

I've been assessing my students and realized I need some easy readers.  I am quite good at leveling books and leveled whole school bookrooms over the years. So, I decided to make some that the kids could keep and were similar to a Reading Recovery lesson. 

I made leveled guided reading books for DRA2 level 3/4 or Fountas and Pinnell level C.

Here is a sample book.  As you can see there are lots of sight words and picture support but the text varies from page to page so students actually need to pay attention to the words.

I've included a running record form, cut up-sentences and pictures to match each sentence.  Once children read the book several times, they should be able to unscramble the sentences, put them in order and match the pictures to each sentence.

You can find these books here.

In addition, I made a set of books for DRA2 level 1, or Fountas and Pinnell level A. 

 You can find them here.

Well, I am off to take my daughter to cheer and then go to church.  Have a wonderful night!

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