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Flood and Best Reading Activity Linky

Happy Monday!  I am so glad the rain has finally stopped here in the Denver area.  It will be a beautiful 77 here today.  Just perfect.
We actually had a "rain day" last Friday.  Never in my 19 years of teaching has that happened. We got an entire year of precipitation (including snow) in less than 72 hours.
 It was a gift to be able to stay home and be safe.  Here is what Colorado looked like:

So sad.  My heart and prayers go out to all of the families affected by this flood.
If you pray, they all could use extra prayers!
Thank you!

In other news...

Caitlin and Carrie from Table Talk with C&C are hosting a very exciting *TpT Best Seller Linky Party and Giveaway* this week.  I am very excited to be donating my best selling reading activity for this linky and giveaway!  They wanted to have a linky and giveaway that showcases all of your hard work and dedication to making your products meaningful and engaging for your students.  We all know how passionate we are about blogging and TpT product making, that we wanted to also celebrate all your hard work and accomplishments as a TpT seller.  The countless hours of creativity you put into these beautifully and thoughtfully made products deserve a little bit more love!  Why not celebrate them right here, right now?!?! Who's with us?  

The best part is that they connected with 14 TpT Sellers (myself included) who have donated their best *reading activity* seller item and we want you enter to win them!!!  Enter the rafflecopter on their site for a chance to win ALL of our donator’s Top Selling *reading activity* TpT Product! Yes, you heard me correctly all 14 items FREE!!  
 Starting yesterday, 9/15/13, you will have a chance to share your best reading activity seller through the linky AND enter the rafflecopter to win all of these amazing products!

 Here's how it's going to work.  
 1. Take a look through your TpT Store and sort your products by "Best Sellers."

2. Find the product that is your best selling "reading " related product.


4. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a *FREE* best selling reading activity!

5. Spread the word about the linky and giveaway through all your social media!!

 The *best selling reading activity* linky will be up for one week and then we will share the winner from the rafflecopter!  The schedule for the linkys are below! 

Good luck!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I'm glad you are safe. I'll keep the up the prayers for everyone affected.