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Crunch Time And Surprise TPT Sale

Teachers Pay Teachers is about to receive 100,000 likes on Facebook.  To celebrate this MAJOR accomplishment, they are offering 10% off when you use code FB100K at checkout.  This sale will end on October 14th.  Who doesn't love a sale and what a fabulous reason to have one?

I am in crunch time.  Our first trimester ends next Friday which means I'll then have to do report cards and conduct parent-teacher conferences.  This is our first year using Common Core Standards in Colorado.  It is a little stressful...just a bit. (actually very stressful)

I facilitate the First Grade Study Team for my district.  I was comforted in knowing I wasn't the only one stressed but felt like I needed to do something about it.  In years past, actually for the past decade, we have used Everyday Math to support our standards.  This year we abandoned it.  I needed to come up with evidence that my students are on track to meeting end of year CCSS.  So, after looking, unsuccessfully, I created math assessments for this time of the year that only test Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Numbers in Base Ten, since that is all I've taught.  I've tested them out with my students, made a few changes and finally uploaded them to TPT. As the standards are written for the end of the year, I did not want to use assessments that included items I had not taught yet or measured skills meant for the end of the year. This product, perfect for the month of October, only includes Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Numbers in Base Ten.
This 21 page product includes assessments for 1.O. A.1, 1.O. A.2, 1.O. A.4,1.O. A.5, 1.O. A.6, 1.O. A.7, 1.O. A.8 and 1.N.B.T. 1, 1.N.B.T. 2, 1.N.B.T. 3, 1.N.B.T. 4. They happen to be on sale till the 14th with 15% off.  If you use code FB100K at checkout, you will get them for 25% off.  Here is the preview.

 Get it here.  Have a beautiful weekend and happy shopping!

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