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100 Day Fun

Yesterday was 100 Day. It was a TON of fun. Since our Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl this weekend, I decided to make out 100 Day entrance in their honor.

Some of my firsties did not want to walk through the entrance.  They moved the paper to the side or crawled below. It was very interesting to see which kids did not enjoy the paper.  I was a little surprised by it.  Me, on the other hand, loved the paper.  I came barreling through it at least 20 times.

We began the cay by making 100 day crowns.  We used 5 1 1/2 strips of white paper, dot paint and a 24  x 6 1/2 black strip of construction paper.  The kids put 20 dots on each strip to make 100.  They are so much fun!  

They require a lot of stapling and I sure was happy when I was done!

After making our crowns, we opened up our 100 Day Bottles.  We sent home a note asking parents to clean out a recyclable water bottle, take off the label and affix the label we sent home that says ______'s 100 Day Bottle.  The students are to choose something that will fit in the bottle and count out 100 of them.  Next, the parents need to attach a ribbon around the neck of the bottle {so we can hang them} and place it in a brown paper bag so no one can see what is inside.  Finally, the children write 3 clues about what is inside the bottle.  I instructed them to make their clues difficult, but not to deceive the other students.  After they read their clues, 3 kids get to guess what is in their bottle.  If they do not correctly guess, they win.  If one of the 3 students guesses correctly, they know their clues were too easy.  It was a great activity that incorporated critical thinking, mathematics, writing and speaking.  It is super aligned to CCSS!

Students made 100 Day necklaces with Fruit Loops.  It took awhile and they were pretty focused on doing them which gave my ears a little break.  I have a chatty group this year so I ADORE when they are quiet and concentrating on doing their work.

Finally, we made 100 Day glasses and played Race to 100, then the day was over and this here teacher was beat.  But it was a great, happy day in first grade!  I even overheard a few of my friends say, "This is the best day EVER!!".  It just warms my heart to hear that and makes my headache and tired body worth it.

 These activities can be found in my unit Hooray for the 100th Day of School!


I also have sold a lot of my  I am 100 Days Smarter Craftivity packs, which we will do on Monday.
Here is a sneak peek:


Plus, my store is on sale today and tomorrow for The Super Bowl.

Finally, I am linking up with Farley with this month's Currently.  Here it is:

My goal for this year was patience and seeing my students and children as Jesus sees them.  In addition, I am trying to always use words that build them up.  I feel as if I am doing great with it, moreso at school, though, than home.  My son has been in a bit   a lot of trouble at school and potentially with the police as the security guard pressed charges.  I am praying that they see he is a 13 year old child with autism and do not pursue it but you never know.  His advocate says it can take up to 6 weeks to find out (we have a month remaining).

Last weekend my daughter's All Star Small Senior Coed Level 5 cheer team,  Cheer Central Suns Solstice, competed in Oklahoma City.  We flew out on Friday afternoon, got to the hotel, had practice, ate and slept then competed mid morning on Saturday and Sunday. They got a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds, which is a big deal.  Now, besides, Dallas later this month and Anaheim 3 weeks later, we get to go to Florida. All of my vacations are revolving around cheer and going to see our families in NY and NJ.  I plan on going on a Mission trip to Zambia in July but I would really love a vacation with just my husband.  9 years ago we had our last in Maui.  I am so ready to have another but do not see it in the distant future.

Here's a photo of Emily's team:

So proud.

Have a beautiful weekend and GO BRONCOS!!


  1. I love reading about classrooms celebrating their 100th day. We haven't had ours yet. Even though I'm a Seahawks fan, I love to see other people with team pride! Have a great weekend!
    Stories by Storie

    1. Storie- 100 Day is so much fun. Ours is technically Monday but I need to do it on a Friday. BTW, I am a New Yorker so I really love the Giants but I sure will root for my home team and especially the beautiful Eric Decker!!

  2. I love cheerleading and how cool for your daughter's team! My cousin lives in Oklahoma and her daughter is on a pretty competitive team, too. I can imagine how much time and money goes into that, but what a great family to give her memories to last a lifetime! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

    1. Michelle,
      I love cheer, too. WAAAY back when, I was a Varsity and college cheerleader but what they do now 30 years later is just beautiful to watch when they hit and scary when they don't. My daughter has so much more talent than I did and I credit that to her dad's athleticism. Not only should this be great memories and a way to keep her life wholesome but we are hoping for a free or partial ride to college! Thank you so much for commenting =)

  3. Wow your daughter's team looks awesome! Good luck to them at Worlds! It's funny I read your blog post and Storie's back to back and got two different views on the Super Bowl! Good luck to you both this weekend!

    1. Hi Heather,
      They are an amazing team especially since they are a brand new team and 4 of the 20 never did cheer before this year.
      Yes, Storie is a Seahawks fan. As I told her, NY Giants are my fav but I think Eric Decker is beautiful and I now live in CO so why not?
      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you!

  4. All your 100 day activities look awesome! Funny how some kids will like the paper streamers and some don't. Best of luck to your daughter's cheer team--that's great!
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher