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The Fire Marshal and More

Whew!  It is that crazy time of year where everything seems to happen at once.  Report cards, conferences, workshops, and lots of driving to and from cheer with my daughter.  On top of all of it, the fire marshal came into my room telling me I had 2 weeks to take down the items on my walls that weren't teaching material.  That means all but 2 of my bulletin boards and spaces on the wall with kids work may not have background paper or cloth.  Also, decorative borders such as my ruffle border and tissue paper (beautiful) border must go. Every time he comes it is something new but this is the most drastic.  First, I had to only hang things from the ceiling with magnets.  Then, I had to shorten the fabric and ruffle border 10 feet away from the door.  Next, I had to remove the background paper from my hall where the kids cubbies are.  Now, this...

I am not happy.

Our school is 12 years old and has never been painted.  I can put in a work order this summer for the sheet rock to be repaired and painted but the only color choice is white.


I am not happy.

I had some darling 4th graders help me and it almost done.  They keep saying how beautiful my room was and now it is just boring and plain.  Thank you very much but I already knew that.  That is why I spent hundreds of dollars and weeks in the summer decorating.  They mean well but it is sad that they even know the obvious.  It lacks flavor now.

I am not happy.

It will take some time for me to get over it. I have no choice but I will deal with it.  So, if anyone has ideas on how to add color and liveliness and joy to a room without adding paper or fabric, please, please, please let me know.  I need help!!

On a personal note, we are going to Dallas on Friday for the National Cheerleaders Association All Star Championships.  Here is what is all about:

Pretty major event.  Emily is excited but very nervous.  Here is the arena she and her team will compete in.

It is so intimidating.  I get anxious just looking at it and I will not be on that stage. Only the highest 1level (Level 5)and special needs teams perform in the arena. There are 4 other rooms for the rest of the levels.  I am excited to go!

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