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Ten Things I Want to do this Summer


I am linking up Deanna Jump's Ten Things I Want to do this Summer.  I have ONE more week of school and then it is summer, glorious summer. 
I love my job and the kids but I also adore downtime; time to reflect, regroup, relax and recharge.

We've got some plans this summer but not the plans I envisioned a year ago.  One year ago I said I was going on a mission trip to Africa.  I signed up and was so excited to go to the Village of Hope in Zambia.  I felt like God finally opened that  door for me.  But as quickly as it was opened, it closed.  One of my brothers called me to let me know that he had finally convinced my parents to go on a trip for their 50th anniversary.  And guess what week it was?? You got it -- the first week f the Zambia trip.

#1  Caribbean Cruise-Ten days on the Royal Caribbean visiting lovely ports of call celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

I'm most looking forward to Bermuda and St. Maarten.

#2 Cape May, NJ

We haven't seen Grandpa Beach in a year and cannot wait to visit him in his lovely beach town of Cape May, NJ.  I always feel like I am transported back in time on this island filled with old Victorian houses with widow's peaks on top.

#3 NYC

No summer would be complete without our annual pilgrimage to my hometown.  I love, love, love, NYC and so do my kids.  (My husband does not; which is why I live in Colorado, even though he is a native New Yorker, too.)

I need to go to the 9-11 Memorial. I remember watching them build those towers when I was a little girl and I remember watching in terror as they went down.  Growing up in a FDNY family, it is imperative that I go and see what they've done.

#4 Fish
No, I do not fish.  But my darling son does.  I love to go with him and chat and read my bible early in the morning while he fishes.  It is pure bliss.

#5 Spend quality time with my daughter-not cheer related

It seems as if all our time together is spent around cheer so I'd love to spend some time with her that has absolutely nothing to do with cheerleading.

#6  More quiet time with Jesus

I was really good at the first part of this school year with my daily devotions but as the year got more and more hectic, I have skipped this important time more than not.

#7 Gardening

I have a garden.  A very large garden.  I've begun some transplanting but needed to feed my soil and rotate crops so it is happening much slower than usual.  It will be great when it is all done and I cannot wait to enjoy the tomatoes, onions, shallots, kale, spinach, carrots, beans, corn, pumpkins, squash, leeks, cabbage, etc.

#8 Work out

I have worked out my entire life.  I have always been super active and always going.  I am still always in motion; I tend to pass out when I finally stop. But waking up and working out has been a thing of the past.  I feel like such a loser.  I have spent 40 of my 49 years exercising-gymnastics, ballet, running, aerobics, cheer, weights, biking, hiking.  All of a sudden I've really not been motivated to work out.  And, this is the time I need to be.  My metabolism has slowed down, I have hypothyroidism and struggle to maintain my weight.  The hypothyroidism makes me sluggish so what better way to combat that than exercise?  I am hoping if I put it out there, I may actually DO IT.

#9  Read, and NOT professional books.  I love reading and need to finish about 3 books I started LAST summer!

#10  Just take the time to stop and smell the roses.  We all move at such a hectic pace and summer is the time of rejuvenation.

Will I do it??  Only time will tell, but I think if I follow this plan, I will feel better.   I think we all should promise to follow our plans and then talk about how much the better we are for it.  Deal??

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