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Five for Friday

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#1 Only 5, yes, five, days till we depart on our 10 day Caribbean Cruise.  We are all packed, since we are in NY already, and our ship leaves from NYC.  But . . . 






Here is the ship we will be on with Royal Caribbean.


this is one of our ports.

Looks perfect, doesn't it? 

Hey, I live in landlocked Colorado and 


the ocean


We left at 6:00 a.m. for NYC.  

That means we were at the airport at 

4:00 a.m.

It was rough

but we got there at 11:30 a.m. 

and that was perfect.

I am still trying to get over the jet lag even though it is only a 2 hour time difference.  

It would be even better if my son got acclimated....

I've been working so hard on products since I will be unable to connect to the world on the cruise.  Here is one product I finished which I am so pleased with.


This product has 22 original second grade leveled reading passages and close reading activities perfectly aligned to Common Core Literature AND Informational reading standards! This pack could be used in a variety of ways - class-wide reading, homework, assessment, guided reading groups, or intervention.
Each passage was carefully crafted with a second grader in mind. The response sheets include close reading tasks that are text dependent. The text falls within the Lexile level of 230-700, which is the Common Core Standards expectation for 2nd grade. The Lexile level and word count is at the top of each article. There are 12 non fiction and 10 fiction texts.

Dot (Lexile Level 230)
Feet, Feet, Feet (Lexile Level 230)
Tiger is Scared (Lexile Level 230)
Neighborhoods (Lexile Level 240)
Tiger is Hungry (Lexile Level 250)
Sharks (Lexile Level 250)
The Chipmunk (Lexile Level 300)
The Chicken’s Life (Lexile Level 300)
How do Pumpkins Grow? (Lexile Level 320)
Tiger Wants to Play (Lexile Level 340)
What Lives in the Sea? (Lexile Level 350)
The Little Red Hen (Lexile Level 350)
Baseball (Lexile Level 400)
A Butterfly’s Life (Lexile Level 410)
Mom’s Flowers (Lexile Level 420)
The Three Bears (Lexile Level 450)
Let’s Explore a Backyard (Lexile Level 580)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Lexile Level 590)
Slithering Snakes (Lexile Level 600)
Little Red Riding Hood (Lexile Level 600)
Sluggish Sloths (Lexile Level 700)
Bald Eagles (Lexile Level 700)

1. Intervention- The teacher can read the text and students can practice responding orally or with support. Once the teacher reads, students can try it on their own. This would be a great opportunity to practice fluency, comprehension, predicting, inferring and many other skills. This is a great way to build confidence with students who are not yet ready to read the books independently.

2. Partner Reading- The passages are high interest for second graders, which is beneficial for reluctant readers. Working with partners is another way to help students who lack confidence and /or stamina.

3. Homework or Independent Work During Centers or Daily Five - For students who are more fluent in their reading, this would be a great way to assess their reading comprehension and ability to respond appropriately on the response sheets.
4. Fluency Work – Since the word count is provided, it would be easy to time student’s reading and figure out how many words per minute they are reading. 90 wpm or higher is desirable by the end of second grade.
5. Guided Reading – Especially if you have limited time, short, snappy texts are perfect for reading groups. You can focus on a reading strategy, such as close reading, inference, asking and answering text dependent questions, or citing evidence from the text. You could send the article and response sheet home as homework or do it with the group.  Get it here.http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-am-Reading-Fiction-and-Non-Fiction-Texts-Second-Grade-1286355


Do you have an independent writing time in your classroom other than Writer's Workshop? If you use Daily Five or Centers, this is for you!

This 40 page product was carefully crafted with the primary student in mind. It includes:

*Word Cards for your Word Wall or Writing Center
*3 Label It pages (2 versions of each with or without a word bank)
*4 Expository Photograph Writing Activities (2 versions; one with handwriting lines and the other with lines)
*2 Back to School Writing Craftivities
*2 How-to Writing Papers (2 versions; one with handwriting lines and the other with lines)
*2 Writing Prompts (2 versions; one with handwriting lines and the other with lines)
*2 Story Writing Activities (2 versions; one with handwriting lines and the other with lines)
*3 Word Wall Writing Pages
*2 August Sentence Papers

I love to use these with my reluctant writers who cannot come up with ideas for independent writing.

This could also be used for weekly prompt writing, homework, morning work, or for early finishers.

Get it here.

My son, Nick, loves to fish.  We find it so strange that he catches more fish one hour outside of NYC than in our home state of Colorado. 

Isn't Colorado known for it's wilderness?

I guess it is just a misnomer.


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  1. I don't like early morning flights either. We just left DIA on Saturday for Hawaii and had to be there at 5am! You will have to post about your cruise! My husband and I went to the Bahamas last year and want to visit more islands and were thinking a cruise might be the best way to do it! Have fun :)