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June Currently

I am linking up with Farley for this month's (Can you believe it is June??) Currently.

Do you like the font I used for it?  I DO!!  It is from the creative Jennifer Jones: Hello Literacy's Hello Fonts. It is called Frozen.  
Think, "Let it go!  Let it go!"

I feel kind of  dumb because when I got this month's Currently, I realized I did not use the correct Currently last month.  I don't even know what I did.  I am sure some of you noticed that and thought, "Why doesn't she have the same Currently as everyone else?". 

 Look above.
(Not smart)

So, I have been working on my end of year video for three weeks now.  Every year technology is an issue and every year my end of year video takes much longer than it should.  I had a little help achieving this, however.  My son deleted my movie several times.  Ugh...
It has been trying times in the Magro household for a few weeks.  Nick just ended school, which you think would be fabulous.  But, not so much when you are autistic.  Any change in routine turns your (and whomever you live with) life upside down.  And my husband, daughter, and I have no control; we are just TRYING to enjoy the ride.  


Has anybody else out there in blogland had trouble making an end-of-year slideshow?
My colleague reminded me what to do and, once she did, it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-mac-and-cheesy.

First, I needed to put all of my photos onto iPhoto in chronological order.  Then, I merged them into one event names, "First Grade 2013-2014".
Next, I put all of the songs I wanted onto one playlist on iTunes and named it the same.  Then, I opened up iMovie. 
I put the photos in and the music.  
Finally, I shared it with iDVD, and, Viola!, I could burn it onto dvds.  

Next year when I forget how to do it for the 15th time, I will just come to this handy little reminder on my own blog.  I vow that next year it will not take 3 weeks and over 30 hours to make a 30 minute slideshow.  Mark my words.  It won't.

{I hope.}

Only one and a half more days of school and I am officially on summer break.  



  1. Have fun traveling!

    Thanks for the tips on making a slideshow. I am currently making one for my staff and have never used a Mac before so thank you for the tips!

    Christina Marie :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  2. New York City is a great summer adventure! And hey, we can have a blogger meetup if you come!

    The Big Apple Teacher

  3. Meredith- I will be in NYC from June 20-July2nd. Let's do it!!

  4. For my end-of-year scrapbook last year I used Smile Box. It's an online service and it made a slideshow for me. I still had to insert pictures and add the music from their choices, but it turned out really nice. Have fun traveling!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. Carol,
    I used Smilebox last year, too. This year it costs money and since I have a mac I shouldn't have to buy a product.

  6. Love your post. I make end of year videos with my students about activities during the year and there is always little problems while creating it. It's part of the process but the final product is always worth it.

    Have a great summer

    Owner at Resources 4 Teaching Inc. Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers