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July Currently


I am linking up with Farley again with this month's Currently


Where is summer going????

I am not ready to even BEGIN thinking about Back to School.

And, I won't.
Not yet.  
Maybe after our cruise.

My brother's and I are taking my parents on a Caribbean Cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary.
50 years.
We are going to celebrate!  

The kids and I arrived in New York last week and are spending some time with family before the cruise.  My husband is at home refinishing the wood floors in our kitchen.  {Something we could not do with our kids at home.}

On Thursday, we leave Cape Liberty and sail off for ten days.  I've never been on a cruise before and am a little apprehensive.  My daughter and I get real bad motion sickness - like really bad.  That is my worry.  I tried the prescribed patch a few years ago when Tom and I were sailing around St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean and it was ... awful.
I put the patch on the night before.  When I woke up, looked at my husband and - there were 3 of him!!  Actually, there were 3 of everything -- the night stand, the tv, the window...



I bought enough of Sea Bands and non-drowsy Dramamine for an army so we should be A - O.K.

{I hope}

Prayers needed =)

Ahywho ... Here is my Currently for July.

No phone or internet on the cruise so I am going to be off the grid till July 13th.
See you then,


  1. No air conditioning?!?! I live in Texas and can't even imagine not using it during the summer. Hope you have an amazing time on your cruise!

  2. A cruise how fun! I went on a cruise years ago and I remember thinking I didn't feel the movement. I think that boat is so big that you don't feel it in normal waters, but that was years ago. I hope that is the case for you. Have fun!

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  3. Hope you guys have a great time! 50 years! That is definitely a milestone to celebrate! :) I get really bad motion sickness too but the boat was so big there was only one night I felt it-we hit some very choppy waters-otherwise I was fine the whole rest of the trip-you guys will be fine!

    Not Just Child's Play

  4. A cruise sounds like a blast! Hopefully you'll be having too much fun to get motion sick hah! Safe travels!