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Classroom Reveal

I survived the first two weeks of school.  I really think it takes me longer than the children to adjust from summer.
The second week was harder than the first.  
I was so.tired. 
 I went to bed by 8:00 pm and hit snooze every day {more than once}.
And don't even talk about training my bladder to 3 hours without a bathroom break.

I thought I'd check in and show you all my classroom and some photos of what went on the first weeks.

These are our first day photos.  They turned out adorable.

Here are my firsties doing read to self.  It was a bumpy start but we are at 15 minutes stamina.

I love the new fabric I put on my bench.  The bench is a great seating area and also holds my leveled book library. My students love to sit on it and read.  So comfy
To match the bench I changed the rug.  Only $20.00 - gotta love Ikea.

Here you can see the book shelf under my whiteboard.  It is a gutter I covered with black and white duct tape.  I change the books out every month to match what we're studying or for the season/month.

Here is my easel and rocking chair.  This is where most instruction happens. The walls behind use to have fabric on it and was much nicer looking.  But the fire marshal came in and made me take down most of my walls.  Only 20% of my class can have background paper.  I kept the fabric up on the other side of the SMARTBoard which is centered on this large wall. You can see the SMARTBoard's stand on the bottom right hand corner.

This is on the opposite side of my SMARTBoard. It is the side of the wall I kept fabric on and where our CAFE board is. The storage in the small colorful rolly carts is for my teaching supplies.  The other two storage areas hold our Work on Words supplies.

Here are my leveled books stored in the bench.  I was going to repaint it this summer but I ran out of time.  Hopefully it will be black next year.

I revamped our BEE Book labels and love the new look. I revised my plan book, too.

Here is our classroom from another angle.

The couch is another great area to chill out and read.  The crate seats are fabulous for the computers, store my stuffed animals and puppets but also serve as a great little seat that can move around the classroom.
Our science area holds science supplies and is where our class pet lives.  My new kiddos LOVE our tree frog.  I adore watching their little faces when they touch his slimy body.

This is our writing area.  It is directly below the word wall.  Students love to sit there and write.
Below the writing area is the rest of our library.  It is on either side of the writing area. The picture on the left is the fiction side of the library.  The photo on the right is the nonfiction side of the library.

We are working on becoming writing experts, with the help of Lydsey Kuster.  I love this unit!!

I made new rekenreks for math.  These are so great to see groups of 5 and ten, add and subitize.  I use Eureka math from Engage NY and needed these for the second week of school.

We made our Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom, Look Who is Climbing Up the Coconut Tree from my Brillant Beginnings Unit.  This picture matches this little guys personality {{I love him}}.

These flip books are a pain to make but turned out so cute.  I handed them out at Back to School Night and used them to guide what we talked about.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek of my room.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great blog! Totally understand the first 2 weeks...

  2. Love your design AND Ikea! Can we get your teacher binder anywhere? I love it, too! Have a great year.

    1. Sure. Give me your email and I will send it to you!!
      Thank you=)

  3. I can understand how hard the transition can be from a carefree summer to a busy schoolyear! Your classroom looks nice. I especially love the couch area...looks comfy! It reminds me of the rooms at Bumblebees R Us day care centers!