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Colorado Teacher Meet Up

This week I had the opportunity to meet up with some amazing Colorado teachers and bloggers. I had a FABULOUS time! We met at Rockbottom Brewery and then had an excursion to Lakeshore Learning.

In the front we have Ashley from Teaching in Bronco Country and Janet from Bloomin' Bees
In the back is Nichole from  The Craft of Teaching, Mary from Teaching With a Mountain View, myself, Brittany from Big Hair and Big Ideas, Pam from Desktop Learning Adventures, Sara from Mrs. P's Special Education Class, and Christa from Learnin' Books.

We talked nonstop and shared ideas.  I laughed so much!  What a great group of ladies.  I cannot wait to do it again soon!

An amazing thing happened this week.  A news story was done on my daughter, Emily.  I am THRILLED she has overcome her big toe amputation to the point that she is actually telling the world about it.  She even allowed Sean, the journalist, to film her foot.  I would have never guessed that my 15 year old would do this.  Girls are so worried about how they look and she is no exception.  She experienced some bullying when it first happened and last year had a boy tell her he couldn't go out with her because she was "imperfect" {Yes, he used those words}. So, for her to do this is a MAJOR step. 
The video follows this post.  It is short, only 2 1/2 minutes and I would love it if you would watch this inspirational story of overcoming an obstacle and being all the better for it. If you are touched, leave a comment for her on Youtube.  Thank you =)

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  1. It was so great to meet you! I had a fantastic time at the meet up. :-) Your Emily is one amazing kiddo. Good for her for being herself and not letting anything stop her! She must have a great mom!!!! ;-)

    The Craft of Teaching