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If you're anything like me you probably spend a great deal of time reading up on your favorite blogs and following bloggers across all the social media platforms. It's always fun to find new teacher friends to follow, especially at the start of the school year when everyone is sharing all these big A-HA ideas left and right! But what I really love is getting to know more about the people behind the blog. That's right, I'd love to learn more about YOU!! So I thought we could all put the back to school madness on hold for just a minute and have a FUN little "Meet The Teacher Blogger" linky!!!

Hi! I am Cecelia and tomorrow I am starting my 20th year of teaching. This will be my 11th year teaching 1st grade and I will stay there until I retire {I think}.
  I will be married to my husband, Tom, 20 years on August 13th {this Wednesday!!}.  We are both native New Yorkers but met in Colorado. Our entire family lives in either New York or New Jersey.  Tom and I have two children, Emily, 15, and Nick, 13. Emily will be a sophomore this year and Nick will be an 8th grader.  Neither is ready to go back to school next Monday.  I tell them they are awful at being a teacher's kid because of this but only jokingly because I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow either.  I need at least a month more of summer!

Q:  These are a few of my favorite things:
A:  I love Jesus, that is my #1.  I also love papaya, pineapple and mango smoothies, string beans and steak.  I love going to thrift shops looking for a bargain.  I love all things chevron. I adore the ocean and beaches. Oh, and I have a shoe obsession.

Q: If you weren’t a teacher, what would you want to be?
A: If I wasn't a teacher, I'd love to be marine biologist and a missionary.  

Q: Three little words that describe you. 
A:  Loyal, Childlike, Sarcastic.

Q: Finish this sentence, “___________________, said no teacher EVER!!”
A:  "Summer is too long," said no teacher EVER!

Q:  It’s your birthday and you can invite anyone {dead or alive} to the party. Who are you inviting? 
A: My grandparents, my family, my friend who dies and the children I lost to miscarriage.

Q: If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be the title?
A: Survivor

Q: If you HAD to sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? 
A: Since I cannot sing to save my life, I'd probably whisper Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
A:  Morning person unless I go to bed late.  If I don't, I still wake up and I am just crabby.

Q: What’s your favorite resource that you’ve created in your TPT shop?
A: I have SO many!  I use everything in my shop.  I really am in love with my new Rigor Work for Early Finishers.  It is common core aligned and sure to keep kids engaged when they are all done.  My favorite part is that it can be used in so many different ways.


A: I have lots of "secrets" but the one I like to hide the most is that I am totally unorganized.  I spend most of my life looking for things.  It is most annoying and something I have been working on FOREVER but have yet to achieve.
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  1. Man, everyone wanted to be a marine biologist! I feel like I missed the memo haha

    I am so sorry for your miscarriages. I have been dealing with the same struggles. It is difficult but staying positive is key. If you ever need to talk about it, you know where to find me :)

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  2. My off topic question... do you still have your Pete the Cat math journal cover. I ran across it on Pinterest and can't seem to track down the link.