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Guided Reading and Daily Five

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We just finished the first trimester of first grade and I am so excited about the growth my class has made in 9 short weeks.  I attribute that to our Daily 5 block where guided reading takes place.

Take a peek into how guided reading and Daily Five are in our classroom:


Here are the students book boxes.  In them are their Daily Five Folder, five just right books, and two just for fun books.  We book shop every Friday for the following week.  The Daily Five Folder holds their word work, listening response, and writing for the week.  I tell each student what level their just right books are and they shop for books in that basket.  When they move up a level, I have them shop for books at the new level.  Every single student has changed levels, some multiple levels, and that makes me SO excited! 

centers; read to self

Here is another view of our book boxes. 


Here are my guided reading buckets.  I store everything I need for each guided reading group in them.  I have a stack of notes telling parents their student forgot their guided reading book bag, just in case.  And, of course, my chimes, to signal the end of each Daily.

Each child has a baggie that their guided reading book goes in.  There is a sheet of paper for parents to sign off that their student read and retold the story.  Above,  shows the opposite side of the paper.  Since all of our books are leveled, parents can see if their child is reading at the correct level for the time of year.

daily five; daily 5

This is the side the parent signs.


Here are my guided reading cards.  These easily fit in each box and monitor what I've taught (if I take notes) and running record information.  I have tried a variety of ways to keep track of my groups and this is the most effective and least cumbersome way I have used.  I love it so much I've been doing it for 6 years. You can find them here.

daily five; daily 5; centers

This is how I keep track of individual students running records.  This is also in my guided reading cards pack.

daily five; daily 5; reading groups

This is the back of the book.

This is what the inside looks like.  I love that it collects data for a student in one place.  I can easily track growth and it is great evidence to share with parents or colleagues.  If I have a child that is struggling and need to begin the RTI process, all the data is in one spot.  Love it!!

centers; daily five; daily 5

Here is a reading group, working on retelling the story.  You can see my group notes with running record books underneath.  See how compact it is? 

daily five; daily 5; centers; first grade

I leave sight word cards and phrases on a ring on the teacher table for kids to read when they are called to the back table and I am recording which Daily the rest of the class is going to.

first grade; daily five; daily 5

daily 5; daily five; centers

The first graders are always engaged --even when I'm not there.

As for the rest of the class, they are busy working on Daily Five.
These friends are writing a response to the listening center.

first grade

listen to reading; reading response; first grade

listen to reading; reading response; first grade

read to self; reading response; first grade

word work; work on words; first grade

Here is a child working on words.  This is from my new product Ready to Work on Words.  I am making them for each month.  They are available with words and there is also an editable product.  I've made them for 1st and 2nd grade.  Some of my higher students are working on the 2nd grade pack.

word work; work on words; first grade

This is a different page from Ready to Work on Words.

writing centers; work on writing;  first grade

This firstie is working on writing.  This particular piece is from my new monthly series - Let's Work on Writing.

I've made all of these products to make life easier for me -- and you.  I love how easy it makes planning and preparing for my literacy block.  And, the best part is, it works! 

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